Love is love, that absolutely beautiful feeling that sweeps you up your feet and dumps you in a relationship with someone who is equally giddy with the same thing you’re high on.

While a number of people float forever in that bubble, several other persons get high enough, only to come crashing back to earth.

Enough of the parables, the point is, love sometimes dries up, leaving you feeling empty and terrible with yourself.

When that feeling descends upon you, it means your ‘fairytale’ is coming to an end already.

So, here are 18 of the things you will notice when that time comes…

1. Your interests grow different over time.

2. You become a lot more short-tempered; finding it hard to overlook stuff you’d normally just dismiss.

3. Those little endearing acts you used to look forward to – that playful check tug, the unexpected neck kiss- they all start to annoy you

4. Your confidence in them reduces terribly. You feel you can no longer share your secret or fears with them.

5. You do not bother talking about what’s wrong with the relationship because, frankly, you just totally become disinterested

6. Your sex life is gone down the drain – and you’re not even concerned about it.

7. Your time spent together becomes close to zero, and even when you’re in the same room you’re detached, most likely prefer the company of your phone or another electronic gadget.

8. When approached by someone new, you ‘forget’ to mention that you have someone else.

9’ Oh, the complaints will be endless; but of course, not to them. You’ll only complain about them to others- your friends, their friends, colleagues etc.

10. The idea that they might leave you does not bother you; infact you secretly wish for it, pray for it even.

11. You enjoy time away from your partner more than the time you spend with them.

12. They become totally boring to you, and at some point, even their voice grates on your nerves.

13. Their mistakes become more obvious to you; even though they were there from the onset.

14. Even if there is an option to bring a partner along, you’ll never suggest it to them.

15. Sex becomes a no-go area; and even when you do go there, you force yourself through it.

16. You begin to consciously reserve your sweet side only for others. Your partner gets only the cold shoulder. All the time.

17. You’re only still staying in the relationship because you worry that without them you’re going to be lonely.

18. You are convinced, deep down in your soul, that your future isn’t with them.