10 Fitness Trends That Need to Die in 2017

2. Pokémon Go


Yes, this app had its moment, and that moment made you move your butt — but it didn’t help people achieve IRL goals like booty gains, which require effort beyond putting one foot in front of the other, full-charged phone in hand.

4. Cupping




These 10 Photos of People With Albinism Are So Stunning

When Michael Phelps made his first poolside appearance during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games sporting a back full of circular spots, he put the ancient practice of cupping on the map. Although cupping, therapy that involves pulling the muscle tissue away from the body to promote blood flow and muscle recovery, leaves you with crazy-colored skin (plus a lot of explaining to do), it caught on. But because there’s no evidence that this technique works any better than traditional sports massage, which doesn’t leave its mark, there’s no better time to revert back.


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