REVEALED: How My Hypertensive Dad Escaped Stroke With Natural Therapy

It took us all by surprise when it all started, daddy would complain of headache almost all the time he seem to get fatigued easily than he used to.

Natural TherapyWe were all very much hopeful on not losing him (my dad). But we gradually began to lose faith on his chances of survival since almost everything we tried to bring down his blood pressure had failed, and his left arm almost paralysed but thank God “we finally saw the light at the end of a very long tunnel”. God restored our faith and made my dad a happy man once again.

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It took us all by surprise when it all started, daddy would complain of headache almost all the time he seem to get fatigued easily than he used to. We were all used to seeing dad wake up very early, whisk out of the house on week days. He was a bank manager so his work seemed more demanding. When all these started, he became less efficient and was forced to resign earlier than expected.

It got to a stage when dad could not see clearly. He couldn’t help to notice this since he was a lover of newspapers. He was at the hospital for checkups and to possibly request for a lens which would aid his vision. It was even more shocking when he got to know that his blood pressure was on the high side.

I think this revelation worsened everything, caused a tensed atmosphere and brought up varied symptoms on a daily basis. On December 11, 2014 we were scared, mom was really panicking so were we. My dad’s eyes were wide opened, sweating profusely and complaining of something pounding in his chest, ears and neck region. I have never seen anything like that in my life.

I was so scared we might lose him. We couldn’t even rush him to the hospital because of possible delay. Mummy called our family doctor in tears and he came around in a matter of minutes after the call. The doctor measured his BP using sphygmomanometer and it read 170/100.


We were lucky to have dad back again with the help of the doctor, perhaps with a limited life line. We were sure to put to proper monitoring his diets. The doctor had warned against the risk of too much intake of salt, red meat, alcohol and fatty foods.

Daddy abstained from all these and mom made sure of that but this feeling of nervousness never stopped in dad. We decided to try out other possible means of helping dad overcome this, even though the doctor said we could only help manage this condition. We did not mind whether it was traditional or otherwise, mom just wanted dad back. I saw an article online around January this year which was a testimonial of a survivor of a similar case to that of my dad, I did not totally fall for it but I told mom anyway. She opted for it at once but did not tell dad about this innovation since we were not certain about its potency.

We skeptically visited the link   put a call through for the natural supplements and were overwhelmed with the result we achieved shortly after. The doctor asked in disbelief what we had used on dad but mom concealed the truth since she feared any possible criticism from the doctor might not go well with her. As at today my dad’s BP already read 120/80. He is happy, free of hypertension and healthy again and now hoping to rejuvenate his passion for hard work on agriculture this time. We might just have to get used to seeing dad whisk out of the house at early hours once again.

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