The Coalition while reacting to the timing of the recent reports released by Amnesty International said the international organisation often attempts to embolden the terrorists, with its deliberate report targeted at weakening the Nigerian military.

It would be recalled that the amnesty international in a familiar faction recently accused the Nigerian military of abuse of human rights in its anti terror war.

But the Coalition expressed worry over what it said is the sudden resurgence of the report at a time the Nigerian military was winning the war against the Boko Haram terrorists.

Addressing journalists on behalf of the coalition, Mrs Jaiyeola Mohammed

National Co-ordinator, said the groups will resist every attempt to undermine the country and will take every legally acceptable process to defend the integrity of the country

She said the threat by AI, Transparency and agents of Boko Haram will not deter the Nigerian military from uniting and protecting the sovereignty of the country.

“Anyone that dares the will of Nigeria to remain a successful country should be decisively dealt with,” she said.

According to her, the objective of AI is to make Nigerians to forget the labour and efforts that have been put in to extinguish terrorism from the country.

She said those behind the nefarious activities of these groups are bent on destroying the country and have refused to give  up.

She said further, “How does Amnesty International want terrorism to be fought? Why should the mode of fighting terror be different for Nigeria while other countries “western coalition” get carte blanch to annihilate sociopaths and keep their own countries?

Coalition of 50 civil society groups

“We are not ignorant of countries that cross oceans, beyond many international boundaries to extrajudicially execute suspected terrorists while killing school children, hospital patients, wedding parties and other innocent civilians that are accepted as “unavoidable casualties”.

The racist position of Amnesty International is that countries have more rights than each other when it comes to protecting their nationals.”

The attempt by some dark agents hiding under the umbrella of Boko Haram to enact an old script will be decisively rejected through the will of the citizens of this great country”. She added.