A suspected thief almost met his end after robbing a lady of her phone. According to a report by eyewitness, posted on Facebook, the man, on a motorcycle snatched a phone from a lady standing by the road with her child. Within few minutes, the thief fell off the bike and hit his head on the ground living him in a pool of blood.

There was a very deep cut at the back of his head from which thick blood ouched and spread on the road.

In the process he lost his bike to an unknown person and the phone was given back to the lady who who was shivering with fear and surprise. The phone had a little crack from the fall too. The thief’s wallet which contained some amount of money was taken away. There was no sigh that he will survive the accident.

After 20mins the police arrived and along with some passers-by helped him through another rider to leave the scene…maybe for treatment at a nearby Hospital.

See photos below.