Here is what You need to know about Having Sex on the First Date

Men and women perceive sex on the first date in different ways. Women associate it with romance, love, and fatal passion. Men think that it feels good and that they need to get what they aim to get

Should we allow intimate contacts right on the first date? Is it possible to develop long-term relationships afterward? Here is my opinion


Sex on a first date advice: to be or not to be

Men and women perceive sex on the first date in different ways. Women associate it with romance, love, and fatal passion. Men think that it feels good and that they need to get what they aim to get.  Girls think that you need to get ready for sex. It is very important for a woman to know how men treat her if she says “yes” and how they react in case of a refusal. The majority of men prefer fast sex. Frist of all, a lady should decide what is the purpose of the date and how does she want it to end. It is very important to think about the possibility of sex in advance and decide whether sex is possible or not. Generally speaking, we can define three categories of men, according to their behavior during the date.

A womanizer

The first category includes those men who appoint a meeting only for the sake of sex. This category is quite common, especially among young people. They do not hide their goals and act openly. Such men do not like long wooing, so do not wait for a long honeymoon phase. They are like butterflies – they enjoy the nectar and drove away. Of course, if the girl is nice and relaxed in bed, he can meet her for a couple of times. But that’s all. If the girl agrees to such a date, she should not take it seriously, but concentrate on giving each other pleasure.

A man with serious intent

The second category of men prefers dating those girls they like a lot. They have nothing against sex, but in this case they try to get to know their date more first, and to tell more about themselves, as they have an intention to go into long-term relationships. Such men do not turn sex on a first date into a kind of obstacle. It does not affect the further development of the relationship. If a girl is really interested in a man like this, such a date can become something serious in future.

An old-school man

The third category includes men who consider having sex on the first date to be a taboo. The thought about sex with a first date is blasphemy for him. However, even this old-school category may experience sex on a first date. Well, the man after such an eclipse is compelled to marry the lady in order to make their relationship formal. Such men take love and relationships very seriously.

Is it possible to develop long-term relationships after a first date sex?

So, how to have sex on the first date? Nowadays, men, no longer consider chastity to be the main merit in women. Both virgins and those who are not get married equally. However, women who refuse to have sex on a first date tend to be treated with more respect than those who enjoy first date sex (if the date occurred not only for the sake of sex, of course). To tell the truth, we have many examples of couples, who have sex the day they met and live happily ever after, and couples, who have their first sex after the wedding and then get divorced in a couple of months.  Therefore, the combinability of the couple’s intimate life is a very important factor for their further happiness and harmony.

Besides, very few men really denounce women for having sex on the first or second date. Being a virgin can even cause confusion and questions in men, like “Why no one was interested in this girl before me?” or “What if her chastity is actually a sign that she is playing with me and trying to draw more money out of me?” The statement that o woman who agrees to have sex on a first date is whore is nothing but a myth. Most men do not consider sex on a first date as something immoral. Besides, men often consider such an act as a confirmation of her interest and trust, it increases his self-esteem.

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Well, here is how female logic works. Women believe that man is a hunter and if he gets what he wants too soon, he will lose interest in the woman. The thing is that today sex is communication: the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Summing up, I will say that sex on a first date cannot give a real assessment of the further development of relationships between a man and a woman. Therefore, it is at least silly to hide your desires and brush aside, perhaps, from the brightest moment in your life. I can assure you that it does not matter here, whether this is the first date or the twenty-first one. The main thing is to love and feel!




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