Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmus has joined the latest trend “na den dey rush us”. This she did by sharing a picture showing her rocking her uniform with a new tank.

Sharing the picture, Dolapo Badmus wrote:

“Officers like us, Na duty dey rush us”

Last month, Dolapi Badmus issued a note of warning to young girls who fancy dating Yahoo boys.

Lately, there has been an increase in the rate at which young girls are reported missing. When they are finally found, it is discovered that they were used for money rituals by their boyfriend. The latest is the daughter of a former deputy governor of Ondo state, Khadijat Adenike Oluboyo, whose dead body was found buried in the room of her boyfriend, Adeyemi Alao, after he used her for rituals.

Warning against falling victim of such circumstance, Dolapo Badmus advised ladies to pitch their tent with hardworking guys instead of running after guys who get their wealth via illegal means.

She wrote:

”SECURITY WARNING TO YOUNG LADIES OUT THERE: To you our dear ladies out there especially the younger ones, kindly be informed that associating and dating this so called “YAHOO BOYS” is the fastest way to loose your lives. you have all heard about several incidents involving young girls being killed for ritual purposes just for these boys to continue enriching themselves. Please note that the phone he bought for you, the clothes or car ? he spends that much to gift you or any other thing he gifts you that might have your life used as exchange. YAHOO BOYS from all indications now use blood to sustain or enrich their ill gotten wealth. My sincere advice to you all is to Pitch your tent with that hardworking young man that won’t amass wealth through illegal means, together you can build an enviable future. Remember your lives are precious, don’t lay it down on a platter of peanut? it is harrowing investigating waste of lives by this so called G guys! I sincerely sympathize ? with those families who by one way or the other has lost their daughters through association with the bad boys, may God give you fortitude to bear the loss.”