During sex, a condom can slide off and locate a comfortable area inside your pussy to chill.

This can occur when the condom isn’t properly worn. Also, it can happen during rough and powerful sex. A rubber can slide off when the dick goes soft inside you and he does not pull out almost immediately. Sometimes you may not even notice the condom has sunk into your vaginal channel until it’s too late. While some people don’t even know for days.

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Here’s what to do when it happens:

No cause for alarm. A condom getting stuck in your vagina isn’t certainly a great news. However, it isn’t a cause for alarm either as there is no instant threat. So when a condom gets lost inside your vagina, you can try getting it out on your own. Start by getting into a squat position with your legs open.

Then put a finger or two inside in a hook-like movement and try to fish it out. But if you’re not able to, not to worry the condom will actually find it’s way out eventually.

This is what you should be worried about:

If you and your partner are depending on the condom for protection from pregnancy or STDs, you may need to take some steps. Think of taking a morning after pill as you cannot ensure that some semen has not crept its way out of the rubber into your egg(baby-making) area.

Furthermore, if you’re not certain of your spouse, get tested for STDs as soon as you can. When a condom gets lost inside your vagina, just believe you did not use a condom at all and take needed care.

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This is what your man should also learn how to do:

Your partner should master how to correctly put on a condom and he should also know to hold it at the base while pulling out in case he gets soft in there. He should also be kind enough to tell you he lost the condom as soon as possible. The earlier you can try getting it out, the more likely you’ll succeed.