Man commits suicide after seeing girlfriend sleeping with another man

Dominican man commits suicide after girlfriend sent him a sex video of herself with another man


A heartbroken man has ended his life after his girlfriend sent him a video of her shaving sex with another man.

It was gathered that the estranged girlfriend decided to mock her boyfriend and probably provoke him by recording a s*x video with another man which she sent to him (her boyfriend), not knowing it would end in a tragic way.

Dominican man commits suicide after girlfriend sent him a sex video of herself with another man (Photos)

According to reports, the man who couldn’t bear the heartbreak following the s*x video of his girlfriend, reportedly committed suicide by drinking a poisonous substance.

He was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

According to online reports, the shocking incident happened recently in Azua, a municipality in the Dominican Republic.

Pictures of the deceased and his estranged girlfriend have gone viral online with multiple internet users wondering why the lady decided to cause her lover’s death.

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  1. Sunny McRays says

    So u die bcos of a woman shame on u

  2. Freedom Johnson says


  3. Emmanuel Ilori says

    God wil stil punish him on his way to hell

  4. Jeremiah Madzikiti says

    Man or men must know you finish that thing you do nothing on it you.cant carry and you cant be better to any lady is just to love well loving but you cant finish sex why kill yourself for nothing men wake

  5. Ibrahim Mukaila Gbenga says

    Make that man dey fuck ham dey go jawe. You caught your girlfriend sleeping with another man instead of you to praise God and run away from her. Arindin okunrin……. You are very stupid.

  6. Victor O Ben says

    god will still dealt with u on the way to hell… even wen u reborn u I’ll still pay for dis nonsense ?

  7. Adeborijo Labake says

    D man is a stupid man just bcoz of woman haaaa. Way girls full out deer. Nawaooo his a fool

  8. Dili Chukwudi says

    Lol and she will still sleep with the same guy again u fucked up bro

  9. Kabiru Usman says

    A.k.a mugu

  10. Desmond Ohume says

    Rot in hell idiot

  11. Bunmi Bakare says

    Orun reeeee oooo, greet My MUM and my dad for me oooo, RIP again

  12. NiNo Blinkzx Obi says

    And u tell me the man is not a useless man

  13. Nafiu Yau says

    That is the end of him, and she will continue enjoying herself with another man again.

  14. Chomimi Onyenma says

    But why

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