Lola Omotayo who few days ago ago was allegedly shaded by her brother-in-laws Jude and Paul Okoye, has revealed how she handles negativity.

Lola Omotayo

According to Lola Omotayo, she has gotten so many DMs from people who ask her how she handles negativity which is constantly thrown at her. Peter Okoye’s wife further revealed that she ‘anger only hurts and what people think is none of your business’.

She wrote;

People send me DM’s asking me how I remain sane and composed when so much negativity is thrown my way and my answer to you is simple: Anger only hurts you! What people think of you is none of your business, you just need to live your truth! When your sense of satisfaction and self worth is derived from the opinions of strangers then truly you are not in control of your happiness.

This constant need of validation from randoms is so unhealthy. We are always told to stay away from negative vibes or negative people but then how will you grow your Love and Compassion if there is no one to upset you, hate you, hurt you or rub you the wrong way? Only YOU are responsible for your pyschic hygiene, only you can clear and fill your energy with love and goodness everyday, no one can do it for you and you can only do so through life experiences good and bad.


Aim to be kind to your enemies and haters. Your acts of kindness are never wasted because ultimately, God sees your heart and that is really what matters at the end of the day. Wishing you a blessed week my Insta-fam!

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