When Fashion meets travel, we have an exciting mix of fashion weeks engaging fashion enthusiasts from all over the world. These top fashion capitals of the world are amazing tourist attractions and a fascinating, one-of-a-kind fashion experience.

Here are some of the fashion capitals you should visit this year:

1. New York

New York Fashion Week is a drug for anyone that loves a cute shopping experience from time to time. As a fashionista, you do not only get to enjoy the amazing city, you also have a first-hand experience of the culture and destinations that has many licking their lips.

2. Paris

Fashion devotees and upcoming models sees this city as the ultimate destination. Indeed it is. The highly-respected Paris Fashion Week holds twice every year in the city as well, which is the biggest and most famous fashion event that attracts the highest fashion kings and queens. While you watch those ruling the fashion industry doing their thing, you can visit all the amazing destinations like the Louvre, Eiffel tower, etc.

3. London

London knows a thing or two about fashion too. Last year, London Fashion Week did its first showcase that excluded fur. Shopping at the classy boutiques should not stop you from exploring where the Queen lives.

4. Milan

Milan is home to one of the largest fashion weeks in the world – Milan Fashion Week. The most elite members of the fashion world are always present. I’m talking respected names like Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, and Gianni Versace, who emerged from here, and have succeeded in putting it on the fashion map. Multitudes show up in Italy for its 1st-class craftsmanship and fascinating quality of their designs, you are still able to see places like the Sforza castle and other lovely destinations to make your experience of the city worth it.

5 Tokyo

We all anticipate Tokyo Fashion Week, maybe because it is fast–rising as one of the top fashion spots in the world. With its unique fashion ecosystem, lovers of fashion storm the city from all over the world to have a feel of the world famous retail scene, and stand–out collections, while also enjoying the cultural, historic and religious sites in the city.

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