A story about a lady who gave her boyfriend a 6 months ultimatum to propose or risk loosing her, is currently trending on social media as many people have reacted to the story, sharing their thoughts as well.

Almost everyone dreams of finding the right one and settling down to a life of happy ever after. Although many have advised against rushing in to marriages, what really happens when the right one takes too long to pop the big question?

Well, this is the story of a lady who has been dating her boyfriend for 9 years. According to a Twitter user identified by his handle @thesylar_, his friend has just got a 6 month ultimatum from his girlfriend to either propose to her or risk loosing her.

The post reads: “My friend and his girl have been dating for 9 years now, he’s never proposed. Dude just called me, he’s been handed an ultimatum. She’s given him till June of this year to propose or she calls it quits.You can’t force a man to propose can you?”

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As is common with relationship issues, the post immediately went viral on the internet, garnering massive reactions from many people who thought she was right to want to walk away even though they believed one couldn’t be forced to propose.

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Many people described the 9 year relationship as a waste of time, considering women’s biological clock ticks faster than the men.

While this lady has got her eyes on settling down with the right one who wouldn’t waste her time, a certain Nigerian lady identified as Nonny Blessing on Facebook, seems to have her priorities set on very different things.

She disclosed that she has got a very good man who gives her the sum of N100,000 to buy only ice cream, subtly throwing shade at broke boys who cannot afford to give their girlfriends as much.