Look around you. You can literally see, feel and maybe even sniff the need for love and relationships in the air.

Relationships and emotional matters are big topics of human interest. A huge number of people talk about love all the time – on social media, during lunch breaks at corporate settings, at home, on dates, social calls and friendly visits… every time… everywhere.

My boyfriend this, my girlfriend that. Relationship goals here, love tips there. Everyone wants to fall in love, to have someone to call their own and to feel the enchantment of being in a relationship with someone. In the midst of all this, not many people pause to actually reflect and question their readiness for a relationship.

Agreeably, love is a terrific, beautiful thing; something of pure joy, immeasurable bliss and ceaseless happiness… but only when done right. I am of the opinion that even when people approach relationships as they should, there are still chances that they won’t find the dreamy levels of happiness and every other good thing that we’ve come to believe love entails.

It is sometimes grim, and it is the truth.

Love is as risky as almost every other thing in life. No matter how prepared and cautious you are, there is still an outside chance that something might go wrong. The possibility of success is high, but it is never absolutely certain.

Even the best people get terribly hurt in love.

If you are not in a relationship, be advised that you are not to feel under any pressure to enter into one. Relationships do not increase your chances of being happy, neither do you need to have someone to call your own before you enjoy a good life.

Snap out of the relationship craze; this annoying, unfounded belief that some have that only relationships will bring you the kind of complete happiness you need.

This is not to discredit the fact that relationships can be lovely and satisfying, but look around you, how many relationships are actually truly lovely and satisfying?

Scarily low, right?

That is so because many of those people you see are not even knowledgeable so as to know themselves, let alone why they are in the relationship or what they are meant to give or take from it

If you do not know where your life is headed, or who you actually are, help yourself and others, steer clear of relationships and instead enjoy being single and unattached to anyone while you take a personal trip into self-discovery and self-understanding.

When you know who you are, you will know when you are ready to have a relationship, who to have a relationship with and how to be in a relationship.

Let no one coerce, force or shame you into falling into a relationship let alone a marriage that will break not just your heart, but the whole of your being.

Your age and life achievements have nothing to do with this. Don’t let them push you into it.

You have the exclusive right to decide when that time comes.

Just you.