A Nigerian woman took to Facebook to call out her friend who took her to Dubai for purpose of prostitution.

The woman identified to be Lovelyn Bianca, who is still in Dubai, revealed how she was taken there by her very good friend, Precious Chinwe Orji.

Bianca, claimed Precious Chinwe Orji from Uturu Onuaku in Abia state, takes desperate girls to Dubai for pr0stitution (including her) and makes them swear an oath with a native doctor not to run or reveal their secret.

She alleged that the girls take the oath with promise to pay her N3 million in the course of doing prostitution in the UAE city.

Bianca who admitted to doing pr0stitution in Dubai and taking the oath, also revealed that she has paid Precious the N3 million as promised. She said she paid her 13,000 dirham twice and both of them are now free from each other.

Bianca wrote on Facebook,

“This is warning girls in Okigwe and Uturu and every part of Nigeria. Be aware of this girl called Precious Chinwe Orji from Uturu Onuaku. She is doing prostitution in Dubai and taking girls to native doctor to swear an oath that no one will know that she is doing pr0stitution in Dubai and promised in the gods to pay her 3 Million Naira. If not the person will die”.

Watch video below.