Michael Jackson’s ghost has spoken from the dead amidst sexual abuse allegations revealed by a documentary titled Leaving Neverland.

The late pop musician is being accused by two men, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, of sexually abusing them when they were kids.

However, a new interview shows Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry claiming he had a conversation with Michael Jackson’s ghost. According to Tyler Henry, he accessed the ghost on request from the late singer’s sister La Toya.

“I definitely don’t get a sense in one way or another about that particular case or what he did or didn’t do.

“But what I will say is when he came through, what was interesting was the sense that he communicated an understanding of how La Toya dealt with a lot of the controversy and he acknowledged to her an understanding of why she did and didn’t do certain things.

“It was very applicable to her because of her struggle in dealing with those accusations and how she felt about them and all of that.”

Tyler added:

“So it was really more focused on the personal familial dynamics than how he felt on a more broader level, and that reading was really very heavily for his children.

Michael Jackson’s ghost also had some words for his children.

“There were a lot of readings that came through for Paris and his kids and those were relayed by La Toya to his family, and they actually weren’t shown on the episode because they wanted to protect their privacy.

“But I think that was very healing for them and I hope that’s the case regardless of these allegations. ”