Ever since her dad, Ras Kimono, passed on last year, Oge Kimono has constantly been in the news, albeit for good.

In this chat, she opens up on her growing up, her dad and her greatest decision ever. She also talks about her latest singles and her album project, which she intends to drop later in the year.

What’s new about Oge Kimono?

Music, music and more music! I plan on releasing my debut album, as I’ve already mentioned in several interviews. Also, I’m wrapping up plans to embark on a nationwide and West African tour with my father’s 13-man band. The objective is to ensure that my father’s legacy lives on. Jah willing! Oge Kimono is back to the studio finishing up her debut album project, which she has been working on before the demise of her late legendary father, Ras Kimono. So far,  I have released two singles, Good Ole Days and 24 Hours, off the upcoming album. My fans should watch out!

How has the response to your new singles been?

The response has been very positively overwhelming, to say the least. The outpouring of love and prayers from the radio stations to the OAPs, the masses and all have been quite overwhelming, and I must say, I’m grateful to all for all the positive and encouraging feedback, not to forget the prayers.

Tell us about growing up and at what point did you discover music?

Growing up was fun, exciting and filled with experiences that I’ll never trade for anything, because all of them have made me the strong woman I am today! Talking about music, I remember my very first major performance was when I worked with my dad as his back up singer at about age 17, after my secondary school education. That was when the magic happened and I fell in love with the craft and art.

What were your challenges despite being the daughter of Ras Kimono?

Going solo was a challenge.  I remember sampling my songs to a few people and always being told I had a strong voice that would work better for R&B instead of reggae music, since reggae music was considered dead in Nigeria. And also, not receiving airplay as such until my father’s name was mentioned at some point.

What was the greatest advice Ras Kimono gave you?

My dad will always say ‘practice makes perfect.’ He taught me to be consistent, persistent and original.

What do you miss most about him?

I get this question often times and I always have the same answer. I miss everything! My dad was and is still my super hero!

When’s your full album dropping?

You know, my team and I had agreed to make it happen between March and April, but from the look of things, there might be a slight change; but surely, it will drop before mid-year.

How do you relax and how do you get inspiration to write songs?

I love my space, and most of my inspiration comes when I’m in my quiet time. I’m also inspired by things I see happening around me, which I usually think through during my quiet times.

Now that Ras Kimono is no longer there, are his friends reaching out to you?

It’s really good to be good. Yes, my father’s friends do reach out every now and then. They all try to be supportive in their own ways, and for this I’m most grateful. He was a loving and caring person to all he came in contact with and I’m privileged and blessed to be a beneficiary of his good deeds.

What’s your relationship with Kimono’s other children?

We have a good bond, though distance plays a major role, as we are in different places at different times.

We know so much about your dad. Could you tell us about your mum?

My mom passed on about 13 years ago, so I’ve been motherless for a while, but I know her spirit is always watching over me. She was always there as much as she could. She was also a young hustler at the time, striving to make a better life for herself and I. I was mostly in the custody of my grandmother but my mum was always present.

What was the greatest advice she gave you?

Always be yourself, never try to be someone else and never be envious of anybody.

How did you cope after her passing?

I had no choice, life continues!

What would you say was the best decision you ever took?

Taking on the responsibility of carrying on with my father’s band. It’s a totally new terrain for  me but I’m thankful for every one of those that have decided to walk this journey with me. I’m excited for the many things I’ll learn from them and the ones I’ll hopefully be able to impact on them too.

You’re a beautiful woman, tell us about your love life?

Right now, my love life is my music, as I have a huge task ahead. That’s not to say that I’m not open to falling in love, but whoever my partner will be, has to learn to accept the fact that music is my first love and it won’t go no where.

Are you single and searching?

Yes, I’m single but I don’t know about the searching part. If it comes, great! I have set a goal and target for myself, as my career is truly about to take off. Let’s see how that pans out.

Could you describe your ideal man?

Prayerful, supportive, industrious, loving, fit and responsible.

Where will we see Oge Kimono in a couple of years?

Receiving a Grammy award and performing/touring the world on the biggest stages, Jah willing.