One of the few people who survived the fatal accident that happened along Benin Ore Road which claimed over 80 lives six (6) years ago, has taken to social media to appreciate God and life.

Yesterday, Kenny Williams Makaveli marked the 6th year anniversary of the petrol tank accident/fire explosion which happened on 05/04/2013.

He shared pictures and videos from the accident to show how far he has recovered after the fatal accident.

He wrote;

Today April 5th marks 6 years of my survival from the inferno that killed over 80 persons in Benin ore express way and I was the only survivor. It’s my REBIRTH day!

A day I came face to face with death and saw my life flash right before me, just about to end…

A day I jumped into the brutal, raging fire after making the harshest, courageous decision to survive against all odds..Even if it meant me dying in the end, I was willing to do anything, use any means to be alive or die trying..

It’s a day I realised and experienced God’s amazing love for me. A day I was reborn and given a second chance at life. A day I jumped into the fire, survived and became refined just like gold..

Exactly six years today, I was traveling back to school to resume a new semester when the luxurious bus I boarded had a ghastly accident by colliding with a petrol tanker which further caused the two vehicles to explode into wild fire like a bomb, thereby claiming the lives of all people on board including babies, little children, corpers, e.t.c., except me.

The gory sight of people burning and fearful screaming voices of “Jesus!”, “Jesus!” will forever remain evergreen in my memory. That was a traumatic experience I’ll never wish on anyone, even my enemy.

Today I remember everyone who died on that bus and pray they continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord. My heart and prayers also go to the families and loved ones they left behind..

In all, I’m grateful to God for the second chance he has blessed me with and for the years so far spent which has been successful.

I was kept alive for a reason, to fullfill my purpose on Earth and leave my prints on the sands of time. I’m not there yet, but I’m proud of the person I’ve become, the best version of myself.

Glory be to the name of the Most High!!! I cannot thank Him enough.. Please everyone join me in giving praises to God and Celebrate me today

See more photos below;


Kenny Williams Makaveli
Fire Accident survivor, Kenny Williams Makaveli