All these characteristics create a potentially lucrative yet highly underused betting market. Here are three simple strategies to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

Women Football Betting Cheat Sheet

Backing favorites

The simple rift in popularity between the men and women football suggest that there are great treats to enjoy in women’s football betting. These treats are also available in the male version, but they are quite difficult to unearth.

Most Inexperienced users tend to ignore the stats and only back their favorite teams with home advantage. That not only limits your potential of winning, but it may also put you at a bigger risk of losing your bet. For example, in the 2013 UEFA Women’s European championship, England and Russia had a comparable winning rate, but the betting markets failed to show this with the odds.

With England and Russia having winning rates of 66% and 61% respectively, Betway offered extremely short odds of 1.3 for England’s triumph. Russia was standing at a staggering nine despite comparing relatively well with England. The match ended a 1-1 draw after Russia dominating for the bigger part of the game. As a result, those who played it safe with a draw were in luck at the end.

You can make a lot of money backing the supposed underdog provided you do some research beforehand. For big matches, you can bet on women’s football with Betway for the best odds in the market.

In-Play Betting

Women football betting markets are highly attractive for both beginners and adept punters. The slow and tactical nature of the women’s game also makes in-play betting a viable option for inexperienced punters. Ponderous bettors will also find in-play betting in women football to be quite lucrative than in the male version of the game.

Total Goals Market

Armed with your research, the total goals market can be interesting. The women’s football games are known to have more goals per match compared to the men tournaments, creating an excellent opportunity to win. Nonetheless, betting on high scores is rarely lucrative.

Select a defensive team with a low average score rate, and you have an excellent route to decent odds. Those experienced with football betting in the male leagues will find it easy to transfer their existing betting tactics as the statistics are comparable. Additionally, you can exploit the handicap market by choosing the favorite with the handicap bet to make the odds more favorable.


As the benefits of women’s football betting become more obvious to punters worldwide, it’s a matter of time before it breaks into the mainstream. Over the last five, there has been more than a 50% increase in match attendances, and most of the big games are widely televised. Head over at Betway today and get in on the action.