Social media has become one of the biggest tools for promoting a brand in recent years. This, of course, was not the case about fifteen to twenty years ago. These days, it can even be termed a taboo or a display of ignorance to not have a social media presence as a business owner, no matter how little your following is.

Have you been on social media for a while and need to get more engagement on your business page? Or are you new on social media and need to know how to maneuver the social media space to promote your brand? You are definitely reading the right article. Here are five ways to promote your brand on social media.

1. Organize your page

Make your business a complete brand. Edit the information in your bio to correspond with the exact service your brand provides or with what your brand represents. Get a good graphic designer to create a lovely logo and other designs that can be used to promote your brand on your page.

2. Post relevant content

If you are looking forward to building a big brand that people can trust and will always want to relate with, your content has to be relevant to what your brand stands for. For instance, it will be confusing to see adverts for sales of human hair, clothes, shoes, etc on a supposed fitness-related page. It just doesn’t make sense. Just stick to posting content that is totally related to your brand. Also, find out the popular social media hashtags used in your industry or niche and make sure to always add them to your posts, as that can bring lots of engagements to your page.

3. Be consistent with your posts

This is another way to bring more engagement and followers to your page. Consistency is key. Make at least a minimum of two posts every single day so your followers can get used to you and be able to relate with you. If you keep giving big gaps or breaks between your posts, you will hardly get much engagement and you may even lose the little followers you have gained because there won’t be a lot of activities on your brand’s page.

4. Post visuals

Visual contents are usually interesting and get more engagement on social media. This is especially true for a platform like Instagram. If you are looking to get more engagement on your brand’s Instagram page, try to post lots of videos and pictures that are, of course, connected to what your brand represents or the services you provide.

5. Post interesting, fun and compelling stories

Tell compelling stories that can catch your audience’s attention and make them interested in what your brand is all about. For instance, if you are a skincare expert and you sell skincare products, you can put up stories relating your personal experiences of battling with skin issues before you finally found a solution to your skin problems. Then you should also let them know that you can provide this solution to anyone who has skin issues at a price. Then, you can talk about what your brand provides. You could also choose another angle like putting up a lifestyle post with a topic like “7 natural ways to take care of your skin”, then find a way to introduce your products or services in the middle of the post. The way to success is to be selfless and to create value. Help other people solve their problems and the money, followers, fame, success and every other good thing will come to you.

6. Build relationships

Don’t make your page too dull. Be friendly. Respond to comments and inquiries on your posts and in your DM as soon as possible, because first impressions are never forgotten. Also, don’t be selfish. Drop nice comments on other people’s posts. Like their posts and help them share and repost when required. They will take note of you for being so selfless. Follow others back when they follow you. When building a brand on social media, you can’t afford to be proud, arrogant or a loner. You need people because it is the people that will eventually bring the money. Relate with others genuinely and sincerely. Don’t just do it because you want more engagements and follow on your page. Be nice. Be selfless. Be human.

7. Collaborate

Contact popular influencers in your industry. Influencers are social media celebrities. They usually have influence and can command the attention of many because they have a lot of following and engagement on their page. Work with them. You can offer them your products or services for free in order for them to help you advertise your brand on their page to their followers. This is a good way to get lots of engagement on your page, as whoever views the advert will click on your handle and be automatically redirected to your page to patronize your brand or business. A typical example is an influencer like Cee-C, an ex-Big Brother Naija housemate who has more than a million followers on Instagram. For that reason, she always gets free products like clothes, shoes, human hair, phones, etc from brands in order for her to do free adverts for them on her page to her 1 million+ followers.

8. Invest in Instagram and Facebook sponsored adverts

Instagram and Facebook adverts are also good tools to use to get more engagement on your pages. Invest in your brand. Sacrifice the amount of money required. The adverts will keep bringing people to your page and if they like what you do or need your products or services, they will definitely click on the “Follow” button. You can pay popular Instagram bloggers like Instablog or Bellanaija to help advertise your brand to their followers but their prices are usually on the high side.

9. Be fun

Don’t make your brand too stiff or boring. Post fun and interesting content that is still relevant to your brand. Organize social media campaigns and events for good causes. Organize giveaways during festive seasons or on a monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly basis. Put up games, brainteasers, Q & A sessions, live videos, etc, something to get your audience’s attention so they will keep coming back to your page.

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