According to impeccable sources who pleaded anonymity stated that the PDP presidential candidate having failed to actualize his ambition through the ballot has vowed to ensure that the country is ungovernable for the incumbent administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The source stated that “On the verge of the elections, there were indications that Atiku Abubakar must have been short-changed by some of his trusted allies who he entrusted with monies for vote-buying across the country. When news filtered in that these monies were cornered, he was upset and knew his ambition of inducing voters in some key swing states would be a mirage” he stated.

The source further added that Atiku Abubakar from that moment started planning his next steps, which included distracting the present administration in all ways and means possible.

“The Turakin was livid and vowed to use all means to cause a distraction for the incoming administration. At a meeting with top associates, the Turakin was said to have confided in them that his start point would be the courts, accusing INEC of incompetence and underhand dealings with the APC.”

“This much accounted for the INEC server controversy that took centre stage in the country with the release of a purported server result. The idea of the INEC server was sold to the Turakin by a close associate from one of the South Western states with a background in ICT and a big player in the ICT industry in Nigeria.”

Another source within the know of things in the plot within the camp of the presidential candidate stated that the Turakin camp tried to reach out to some staffers of the ICT in INEC to allow them access to the INEC server.

“Two top staffers of the ICT department in INEC were offered huge amounts of money which were turned down on the basis that the 2019 general elections were not transmitted to the INEC server. The INEC staffers were vehement in their stance which did not go down well with the Turakin, and subsequently, a plan B was activated which was to take advantage of the agitations by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria for the release of its leader from detention.”

The source stated that when this idea was muted to the Turakin, he bought into it wholeheartedly.

“Turakin was impressed with the Shiites option that he conveyed a meeting with his top associates in Dubai due to the sensitivity of the issue. At the Dubai meeting which was meant to be under the radar of the press was of sort of strategy session where it was agreed that a special covert committee meets covertly with the leadership of the IMN in Nigeria to support its activities.”

The source added that the PDP presidential candidate stated that he didn’t want any trace of the covert support to him as the consequences of such actions might be disastrous for him.

It was also discovered that the select committee reached out to some close associates of the IMN in Kaduna and sympathized with them on the continued incarceration of their spiritual leader and made some hefty donations towards what was term welfare donations for the members of the IMN whose sources of livelihood have been stopped.

“A princely sum of $2milion was given in three tranches in Abuja, Kaduna and Nasarawa state to three different groups in a way to evade any form of detection by the security agencies.”

“The bulk of the monies disbursed came from Intels in Onne port and was meant for the purchase of auxiliary machinery and spare parts for use by the organization, but was eventually diverted to three associates who delivered to the top echelon of the IMN at three different locations.”

According to a top member of the IMN who pleaded anonymity for fear of execution confided in this medium that the recent upsurge of the activities of the IMN is as a result of the monetary inducement from Atiku Abubakar.

“Most of our members were told that they should be daring this time around in their confrontations with the security agencies as there would be a huge reward for the success of the protest this time around and this amounted the defiance nature of our members during the protest.”

“I know that some monies were given in large quantity, but I don’t know the source. For every protest, each member of given the sum of N200,000 and the families of those that died was given 10 million naira each by our leaders.” He stated.

This medium also gathered from sources with the top echelon of the IMN that after the last protest another sum of N800 million was delivered to the IMN with a condition attached to it and that more members should be recruited into the sect and they should be mobilized towards staging violent protest simultaneously around the country.

“As we speak, the IMN is one of the richest organizations in Nigeria with the level of funding it has been receiving in recent times. We were shocked to find out that there are people in this country that sympathizes with us. I know of a top PDP bigwig who has been consistent with his support for our activities and hence why we have been able to garner strength and continue with our agitations till our spiritual leader is released from custody.”

“They always tell us that Ran Ka dede sends his regards whenever they come to deliver welfare monies to us. Most of us don’t know who the Ran Ka Dede is but a few of us know it is Atiku Abubakar the presidential candidate of the PDP in the last elections.”

“We know he is not our member, but he has been supportive of our activities since the incarceration of our leader, and for that anything he wants us to do we do heartily.” He stated.

This much was corroborated by a highly placed security source who stated that the covert funding of the activities of IMN was traced to some highly placed individuals close to Atiku Abubakar.

“There are a couple of indications that the activities of the IMN are sponsored by some highly placed politicians who are hell-bent on destabilizing the government of the day. These individuals have resulted in all sort of unorthodox means towards actualizing their objectives, which of course includes sponsoring the violent activities of the IMN.”

The security source also added that the security agencies are on top of the situation towards revealing the identities of those behind the nefarious activities of IMN.

“We are still gathering intel on the sponsorship of the IMN. I can’t reveal names for now but what I can say is that those behind the nefarious activities of IMN would be brought to justice soon.”

It would be recalled that in the past few weeks, the IMN had undertaken violent protest across the country demanding the release of its leader, Ibraheem El-Zarzaky from custody despite the ongoing court process.