Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi-Wellington went on Twitter to beg Joe, one of the new surprise housemates Biggie brought into the house last night, to end Khafi’s relationship with Gedoni.

It turns out Joe is Khafi’s ex-boyfriend and the actress didn’t hesitate to plead for Joe to come in between the Khadoni relationship as she referred to the relationship as a ‘sinking ship’.

She shared three different tweets concerning her displeasure on Khafi and Gedoni’s relationship and also couldn’t hide her joy on seeing Khafi’s ex being brought into the house as a housemate.

In her first tweet she wrote;

Ah, Joe said he came for Khafi. Lobatan”

In her second tweet, she said,

“Yessss oh. FADA LORD. Help us save our girl.”

And the third tweet:

“Joe, we are so happy to see you. SCATTER THIS SINKING SHIP. Thank you.”

When Joe came into the house, Khafi was surprised, as well as shocked to see him and wanted to talk but he signaled to her not to talk or reveal that they know each other, but she couldn’t conceal the excitement and surprise and she ran in to call Jeff out.

Remember that Jeff knew Khafi way before the BBNaija show, and then it turned out that he knows Joe as well. So Jeff finally broke the shell and revealed that Joe is Khafi’s ex-boyfriend as he introduced him to the other housemates.

A good number of people have been against Khafi and Gedoni’s relationship, including some celebrities like Toke Makinwa and Adesua Etomi who have come out to reveal their displeasure on the relationship and even suggested that Big Brother should give them an opportunity to visit the house so they can talk to Khafi and make her realize the mistake she’s making, dating Gedoni.

Many viewers of the show have been saying that Gedoni is only playing games with Khafi but she is so blinded by love and can’t see that he’s using her and will obviously dump her after the show. We hope she realizes this early and breaks herself off the love spell she has gotten herself entangled in.