Nigerian songwriter and recording artist, Maj claims Misogyny is the reason Fela Kuti is celebrated more than Onyeka Onwenu.

In a tweet shared, Maj wrote;

Its misogyny that allows y’all to celebrate Fela more than Onyeka Onwenu

This, however, did not sit well with many as Nigerians come at her. See the reactions below.

@Ralph_Prodigy – They are both legends. The difference is lots of men say they were inspired by Fela. How many of you women say y’all were inspired by Onyeka? No one will help you women lift each other up, y’all gotta do it yourself.
@ojikutuekun – Onyeka Onwenu participated actively in the YEAA rally YOUTH EARNESTLY ASK FOR ABACHA and since then Nigerians rarely acknowledge her
@Hammerlloyd – You don’t know your history. Do more research
@OlamidejnrOjo – Your opinion though, buy nothing misogynistic about the appraisal and respect of Fela more than Onyeka. These two people are different and clearly played more vital roles in the society than the other. No one, I repeat no one comes close to Fela. Drop the sexist shii pls
@ayoelemide – Simply put, he has music that crossed the borders of Nigeria and he has a better story. Not everything is misogyny. His life, challenges, activism, all made him a legend even while alive. Even Onyeka wouldn’t consider herself Fela. She couldn’t sacrifice the things he did!
Maj had earlier sparked controversy after she remixed the song by Beyonce and Wizkid, “Brown Skin Girl” and titled it “Light Skinned Girl”.

After so much backlash for remixing the song, she said, “My intention was simply to spread love. It’s all about love. The original song has a beautiful positive message about self-love and acceptance. In the spirit of that, I created my version…really talking to myself and affirming myself in Beyoncé’s message.”