Toke Makinwa was out on social media over the weekend to school her followers on how to spice things up in their peaceful relationship by ruining an important day for their partners, just because, to her, peaceful relationship is boring. How logical is this?

Of what use is staged conflict on an important day? A good woman will not intentionally piss her man off when she knows he has an important meeting to attend to. Although, women do piss their men off purposely in order to get more closure or attention, however, it will never be on an important day!

When women stair up unnecessary fight for attention or closure, it is done with love and they drop all hints for their partners to know they don’t want to fight or quarrel, but need attention, which is mostly fathomable, but when this is done on important day or when the partner is having difficult day, they will sure have more than what they bargained for. Whose shoulder is he going to lean on when he’s in a tough situation, who is going to give him hope and motivation when he’s pursuing a contract? The woman who’s already fighting him? Huh?

Men are humans and they have blood running in their system like all human beings – they need to be motivated as well. Men love women who bring clarity to their live, not a trouble maker who acts like a demon on important moments.

Peace, love and good things attached to it are the essence of relationship is, if peace is missing at any time, love cannot exist. Relationship can be boring, but spicing it up with violence is a ticking time bomb, which will eventually explode and destroy the peace, accord and love in the relationship and make you ask yourself ‘why did I do this?’ Of what use is violence in a relationship? If you love him, you’ll not torment his life for fun.

When you feel your relationship is getting boring, unnecessary drama, violence or quarrel are no go areas if you want to spice things up. There are other peaceful activities like spending more time together, having honest and open conversation about any topic, do things you both enjoy doing together and before you know it, heaven will smile on you and the boredom will disappear.

If you’re in a relationship, happy and comfortable, taking Toke Makinwa’s advice will only make your relationship toxic if you keep doing what she said in the video. You’ll move from the happy couple to that couple who cannot stand each other. When this happens, just know it will take you more time to resolve the issue and you may not even get the relationship back to the way it used to be.

Sure, relationship has ups and downs, but it is important to always try keep it healthy and peaceful. Hostility makes relationship unsafe, imbalance and never ending drama that everyone runs from.

Would madam Toke give her female child this same advice if she was asked to advise her daughter on how to spice her relationship up? I doubt!