An activist in Atlanta refused to pay in a restaurant after they played songs by alleged sex predator R-Kelly on repeat.

According to Kenyette Tisha Barnes, she refused to pay at an Applebees restaurant in Atlanta after she said she was forced to listen to a sexual predator, R-Kelly.

She took to her social media page to recount her experience, stating the restaurant have threatened to get her arrested. She wrote;

Tonight I was forced to listen to R. Kelly, on repeat at @Applebees, in Atlanta. I asked to not be forced to listen to a sexual predator. I refused to pay. THE MANG. CALLED THE POLICE AND THREATENED TO HAVE ME ARRESTED. The BW staff was dancing. We have a SERIOUS problem here!

That we are more comfortable marginalizing the sexual violence against black girls is reprehensible. No wonder 60% of blk girls are sexually abused. Enablers and predators.

And despite the horrific treatment of the manager, and other staff, my server was a sweetheart, and I tipped her >18.5%. I am a proponent a Fair Labor, yet, not going to pay an establishment who disrespected me.