A report by Middle East Monitor has claimed that an unidentified Saudi Arabian father ‘accidentally’ purchased two airplanes for his son as birthday present.

According to the report, the man had planned to buy two small scale models of Airbus A350 planes for his son and reached out to the second biggest aerospace company, Airbus, to place an order.

However, it was gathered that due to a language barrier, the company had thought he meant to order real planes and went on to process the order.

As regards payment, Middle East Monitor reports that the father who is a big investor in the energy sector of Saudi Arabia got lost in the currency conversion and even though he thought it was expensive, he regarded it as affordable and went on to make payments.

The mistake was noticed months later when the company, Airbus allegedly called the man and asked if he wanted to fly the plane himself. It was then the two gigantic Airbus A350 worth N108 billion were delivered.

It was said that the blunder left the wealthy man confused and he eventually decided to keep the planes and gift one to his cousin.

The report which is now making rounds on the internet has gotten a lot of reactions, with many people wishing to have such a wealthy father.

Here are some reactions below: