Nigerians have blasted former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili for attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) holding in South Africa.

Oby Ezekwesili who was also an ex-presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria in the February 2019 general election, joined other panelist at the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa hosted in South Africa amidst the ongoing Xenophobic attacks against Nigerians living in the country.

According to the information gathered on the website of the World Economic Forum on Africa, Ezekwesili said, “Our politicians need to be put in a room and told they have produced a miserable situation that is not worthy of the young people that hold them responsible for their fate.”

Ezekwesili attended the event even after Nigeria and some other African countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Malawi had pulled out of the event. Nigerians who were shocked to see that she was at the event took to their social media pages to call her out.

See reactions below.

See who made to the World Evonomic Summit in South Africa @obyezeks To think madam oby was also vying for the post of presidency.  I guess the killings of Nigerians is not more important than her personal gains When they call on activists now, she sef will raise her hand #ObySly

Madam Oby going for that WEF is a mockery of Nigeria’s pull out. She’s a slave of her pocket and national disgrace.

Madam Oby at the World Economic Forum going on in South Africa… The love for dollars and camera lights is more than those Nigerians that are being killed by South Africans…