Its the ‘Nigerian nature’ to always express hilariously to matters arising in the Nation. If matters of National security can gain hilarious expression on social media, then we should prepare for a month of social trends when 76-yr-old President is rumored to be taking a second wife who happens to be a minister in his government.

The social media went agog again when Sadia Umar Farouq, the minister, whose rumored wedding to Buhari is coming soon shared her pictures on twitter to canvass for active participation of citizens in ending poverty.

Sadia captioned her photos with:

“On October 17, join us as we #WalkOutPoverty. The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is commemorated to encourage active participation by all to respect the rights & dignity of people living in poverty.#WalkOutPoverty#EndPoverty#Children @ossap_sdgs,” the tweet read.

And hilarious reactions follows from Nigerians who are already anticipating for the wedding.

@Kazlaw01 wrote:

See our wife ooo, the guests are arriving already na. The wedding planner has been all over the place looking for you

Meanwhile, other Nigerians on Twitter have asked the minister to disclose details of the alleged wedding.

Adewale, a Twitter user, asked the minister to display pre-wedding pictures as well as pictures of the venue.

“Hon, her Excellency in coming,we should be seeing pre-wedding pictures, pictures of venue. You and baba should not disappoint us o! Wailers won’t let us rest,” he tweeted.

Another user, said: “Is today not supposed to be your wedding? Common get inside for your make up and gele tying. Dont spoil our baba day ooooo. Na beg i dey beg you.”