Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as E-Money and his wife, Juliet are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today.

The best friends turned lovers  took to Instagram to celebrate each other on their 10th wedding anniversary.

E-Money  wrote  romantic  and sweet notes to his darling Juliet, saying:

“I woke up this morning feeling butterflies in my tummy. The same butterflies I have been feeling for over 15 years since I met you. And of course darling, our marriage is already 10 years old today. Reminiscing on the last 15 years and I cannot but thank God for ensuring our paths crossed. If not, the E-Money many know today may have just remained another Emeka on the streets of Ajegunle. You will come over to Mama’s shop in Ajegunle then, not ashamed of me. You saw Emeka then and you believed in what could come out of him. You stood by me against all odds. Indeed, from the black pot, my white pap was produced. How time flies !
Yes Juliet, we are already a decade in this union. Waow!!! God saw my need and made our paths cross; for this, I will always have cause to thank God. Many see the glamour today, you saw the dream, and believed in it even when it was not obvious to the discerning. You equally saw my struggles, the downs. You encourage me to try again when it seems like I am losing; always reminding me that nothing is impossible, that the next attempt may just be the jackpot. You are right, we made it. Yes ‘we’, because everything I am today, I owe it to God, an almost spartan lifestyle and to you, my dear doting wife.
Lolo, you were my first love and only true love. You have given me handsome sons that call me daddy and you, mummy. You give me a heart that can help bear my burden. You give me prayer support in both good and bad times.
You have been a true source of help to me and I cannot thank you enough. Your support drives me to keep trying. You gave me a home which is a definition of peace. You give me and our children everything we demand of you, without requesting for anything in return . You are a true wife and I love you. You are my joy, support, backbone and engine room.
On this auspicious occasion, babe, I pray the Almighty meets you at the points of your need. You shall be a mother of many nations. People will see you and bow.
To a century of our union, I assure you of my unflinching and total love. I thank you so much, my virtuous wife.
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Juliet also made some amazing confessions about how her  husband still gives her butterflies. She further revealed that its been news of love, joy and happiness since “he walked into her life”.

She wrote “To my Darling Husband, You are the 1 who still gives me butterflies in my stomach after all this years. Ever since You walked into My Life ,it has been filled with Love ,Laughter and Happiness. My Love for You grows Stronger and Stronger each day. I’m so blessed by God to have Someone like you. Thank You for been the most Romantic, Sexy, and Amazing Husband and Daddy in the World. My Soldiers and l love You … Happy Anniversary Baby ” My Chocolate Cake with Caramel Topping ” @iam_emoney1

“Happy 10 Years Wedding Anniversary to Us and Nearly 16 years of meeting this kind Hearted Angel. May God continue to bless Us and May We celebrate more lovely Years together in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Amen”

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