A woman has revealed how a security man fell in love with her because of her unusual kindness. The working class woman identified as Jennifer Oseh has taken to her Instagram account to share the screenshot of the chat she had with a security man who confessed that he has fallen in love with her.

Jennifer revealed that she has always been kind to the security man by always giving him tips whenever they met.

However, the man misinterpreted her kind gesture. In the screenshot the lady posted on IG, the man had texted her to reveal that he has feelings for her. He went ahead to reveal to her that he would have confessed his love a while ago if he had money.

On a different day after she refused to reply to the confession, the man sent a text, asking if he could come and stay with her.

She replied and told him never to send such messages to her.

He, however, sent another message apologizing and even claimed that he was feeling lonely. She asked if she should be worried about the message sent by the man.

See the screenshot below: