Ebonyi State High Court has sentenced Agnes Nwefuru to death by hanging after she was arraigned before the court for setting ablaze her co-wife Felicia Nwefuru and killing her seven step-children.

This sad and ugly incident occurred after Mr. Sylvanus Nwefuru and Miss Ukamaka Nwefuru, one of the Felicia’s daughters survived the 2017 fire incident which began at 3am and reportedly claimed eight members of the family at Ogboji community in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State

According to reports, the Ebonyi State Government in the suit no.HAW/13C/2017, accused the convict of removing all her belongings and that of her children which she took to a safe spot before burning down her own house to hide her crime.

Justice Uwabunkonye Onwosi who presided over the case, said the the plaintiff proved that the defendant was guilty of the murder charge preferred against her.

“Nwefuru Agnes is found guilty of murder and is hereby convicted. The term of her sentence is that she be hanged by the neck until she is dead.”, the judge said.