As the trial of former Chairman of the defunct Pension Reform Task Team, Abdulrasheed Maina, resumed before the Federal High Court in Abuja on Thursday, January 16, one Khalid Aliyu, a younger brother to Maina testified in court that the defendant, paid N150milion in cash to acquire a choice property in Abuja.

Testifying at the trial of his brother who was accused of diverting over N1 billion, Aliyu recalled how Maina gave him United States dollar equivalent of N150million to buy a property at Life Camp area of Abuja on his behalf. He said he delievered the money to one Alhaji Ali Sani who sold the property.

He said;

”I know one Alhaji Ali Sani. The 1st defendant directed me or send me on an errand to one Alhaji Ali Sani for payment of a property located at Life Camp, Abuja.

“The property was at the value of N150 million. The 1st defendant gave me the money cash at his residence in Kado Estate, Abuja, to deliver to Alhaji Sani at his residence.

“The money was in a dollar currency. I delivered the money to Alhaji Ali Sani at his residence.

“He collected, counted and confirmed with his people and handed over the documents of the property to deliver to the 1st defendant”

Aliyu who once worked for one of the new generation banks, also recounted how he opened a bank account for his sister Nafisat Aliyu, who testified as the fourth prosecution witness (PW4) on Wednesday January 15.

He said;

“At some point, my brother (Maina) requested me and my colleague, Toyin Meseke, to open a savings account for my sister, Nafisat Aliyu, although she was not aware of the transaction.

“We proceeded to her house at Wuse II at the time, collected the utility bill as part of the requirement to open the account.

“Later, Toyin collected a copy of her international passport from my brother, Maina, to complete the account opening because at the time, Nafisat was supposed to accompany our mother to hospital and her passport and my mother’s passport were with my brother for visa process.

“Toyin completed the account opening form and the account began transaction. Later on, my sister, Nafisat, complained to me that she was receiving alert indicating debit alerts. So I ask her to show me and advised her to meet my colleague, Toyin.

“I am aware of the in-flows and the out-flows in the account. The account, after being registered by Toyin, was placed under my balance sheet in order to boost my balance sheet.”