One Said Jammal, a Nigerian with a Lebanese background has revealed his undying love for Nigeria while reiterating the reasons why he built an airplane-like house for his wife, in Asokoro, Abuja.

Jammal, while speaking on why he choose the aeroplane-like structure in an interview with newmen said he wanted Liza (His wife), who loves travelling, to always feel like she is onboard an airplane whenever she is inside the house.

Jamal said that he started building the house in 1999 and is yet to complete it, even though he and his family are already residing in it.

Jammal, a construction worker, have six children, all born in Nigeria.

“My wife likes to travel and to keep her close to me, I built the aeroplane for her so that she’d feel she is always on a plane,” Jammal said.

“I’m into construction and I started this building since 1999 and up till now, I’m still working on the house. It is not fully completed.”

Jammal said the story of the “aeroplane house”, which he said is now a tourist attraction, is not just a love story but a legacy he wishes to bequeath to his country and his family.

The Aeroplane-like Structure (Image Credit: The Cable)

The building is painted in green and white in semblance of the Nigerian flag.

Jammal while speaking on his choice for Nigeria in the expense of Lebanon said “Many people are asking why I built the house in Nigeria and not my country and I tell them that Nigeria is my country, I don’t have any other country apart from Nigeria,” he said.

“I am very proud but some Nigerians don’t know the value of Nigeria. My story is not just a love story. I built everything as a legacy for Nigeria, for my country, my children and my wife.”

Mohammed, one of Jammal’s sons, narrated how he and his siblings used to help with the construction work when they were young.

He explained that they dug and planted the trees surrounding the house at the time.

Speaking on why they decided to break their silence on the building, Mohammed said it became a necessity as different stories where flying around about the building.

“I told my dad since it’s 20 years you have been on this project, it will be better to set the record straight and speak on this your building so the world will know the true owner, the house has now become a tourist attraction.”