Boutique owner calls out Mercy Eke for not tagging brand in some photos (video)

The CEO of Sophie Couture, has called out Big Brother Naija season 4 winner, Mercy Eke for not tagging her brand in some photos.

According to Sophie, a boutique owner, 15 outfits were collected from her for a photo shoot by a fashion stylist representing Royal Hairs for reality star Mercy Eke but afterwards, no credits were acrued her.

Sophie calimed Steven, the CEO of Royal Hairs promised her that the reality star was going to tag her as he only paid for 2 out of 13 clothes that was used for the shoot.

Sophie also leaked her chats with Steven earlier on Monday.

See chat below:

According to Cutie Julls, the boutique owner was reluctant to send Royal hair the bill because she wanted a tag instead but neither the hair brand nor Mercy had any intentions of tagging the boutique because they had opted to pay for all the clothes either at renting price or buying price.

Sophie, however, is now going to get full payment for the clothes for peace to reign.

Watch video below:





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