Barely four days after a man allegedly killed his pregnant wife and threw her dead body from a 5th floor to another building in Anambra state, a close relative of the family has narrated and made shocking revelations on the incident.

WITHIN NIGERIA had earlier reported that a yet to be identified man has been accused of throwing down his pregnant girlfriend from the 5th floor of an apartment he lives in at Obosi Street in Onitsha South local government of Anambra State.

While narrating what transpired between the man and his pregnant wife, the close relative disclosed that the man is a native of Nsukka but lives in Onitsha.

The close relative revealed that the yet-to-be identified man impregnated his sales girl, a native of Abia state and he was forced by the family of the girl to marry her.

According to the close relative, the incident happened on Wednesday night after the pregnant wife finished cooking for her husband.

“She went down stairs to call him to come eat. He went up and they started having misunderstanding. The girl is 8-month pregnant. He beat her to death and to avoid traces, he threw her body from the 5th floor to another building close to them, the close family narrated.

The relative further disclosed that the husband called his in-laws and told them that the girl is no where to be found to cover up his wicked act.

“But he never knew some neighbours overheard them while quarrelling and someone saw when the girl fell, she added.

The neighbours raised alarm after they saw the dead body of the pregnant wife.

They went upstairs but met the husband smoking cigarette. He killed an innocent pregnant wife and threw her down. God will punish him, a rather sad relative further added.