Amidst the emergence of Coronavirus in the republic of China and widespread of Lassa Fever in West Africa, a disturbing video of an Asian man eating a baby mouse alive has surfaced online.

Lassa fever, also known as Lassa hemorrhagic fever (LHF), is a type of viral hemorrhagic fever caused by the Lassa virus. Many of those infected by the virus do not develop symptoms. When symptoms occur they typically include fever, weakness, headaches, vomiting, and muscle pains.

Inside the 27-second video, the Asian man can be seen grabbing the live baby mouse with chopsticks and dipping it into a bowl of sauce before putting the squeaking rodent into his mouth.

The meal is made up of tomatoes, rodents and a yellowish liquid (sauce).

It was learnt that the meal is reportedly considered a delicacy in the Guangdong province of southeast China.

The dish has been reportedly banned by the government but some backstreet restaurants are still much available in the meal business.