Stunning Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede has come under attack after her recent post on Instagram

The actress and mother of one who was at the media screening of Emem Isong’s new movie, ‘Special Jollof’ wore a two piece short outfit. But her sitting position while taking photos didn’t go down well with her fans and they decided to let minds be heard through the comment session.

She captioned the photo: “You should be in charge. Whatever you feel you don’t like should go. Look as sexy as you can. Look appealing as much as you can. Wear a smile at all times. “

See photos and some reactions below….

Recall that that sometime ago, Yvonne Jegede experienced a failed marriage with Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole shared a hilarious post asking men whose advances she refused earlier to come and try shooting their shot again.

The actress with a career spanning 16 years who had said her marriage to Abounce was filled with issues they couldn’t deal with all through their one year of living together as a couple seems ready to give marriage a second chance.

Yvonne shared a viral photo with words that read: “If you have toasted me before and i told you I’m in a relationship, please come back.”

She added in the caption: “Oya ooo. You all know the story… #shootyourshot.”