World Cup 2026 in football will be held in three different countries. North American countries decided to take part in the competition, and they won the bid in 2018. Two years ago, members of the FIFA association gave the green light to Canada, Mexico, and the USA to host the 2026 World Cup.

The tournament in 2026 will be the biggest World Cup ever played. We will witness a new frame and rules of the World Cup. There will be 48 countries that can compete in the joint tournament. Keep in mind that 48 teams will play 80 matches in 34 days exactly.

FIFA expects to get 14 billion US dollars during the 34 days tournament. As it’s believed, 16 cities will host matches, and most of them could be from the United States. Experts believe that Toronto is the most admirable city for FIFA representatives, and it may host the opening match of the World Cup.

Why is Toronto a better choice for FIFA representatives?

The opening match of the World Cup is something that every city should dream about. If we take a close look at statistics, opening and final games of World Cup tournaments have the biggest auditory. Billions of people around the world watch both the opening and final match of the competition. That general rule of thumb could be a target for CSA (Canadian Soccer Association). Spokesman of CSA admitted that they had sent letters about host cities to FIFA official members. Last week Yahoo reported that Toronto was the main target from CSA, and it could be the most anticipated city for FIFA representatives too.

One significant factor that Toronto could beat any US and Mexico City for host matches is the gambling industry. First of all, Toronto became the most acknowledged city after the local basketball team won the NBA. Don’t get confused – NBA (US basketball association) has allowed Canada based teams to participate in the tournament and they won it after 30 years, in 2019. Since then, sports fans around the world fell in love with the city.

The gaming industry is massive in Canada, especially in Toronto. The World Cup tournament is a period when millions of tourists from around the world visit particular cities. Toronto would be the most crucial choice for football fans because Toronto has many casinos and gambling venues. Real money gambling would be the main attraction for tourists, along with watching matches in the city that live and breathe with football in that short period. Gambling is another level in Canada, and it has a better framework for international tourists tourists than the US.

The USA and Mexico are not very likely to compete with Canada regarding the gaming industry. The US has only particular territories of a country where people may gamble and enjoy their luck. At the same time, Canada has allowed local gambling venues to attract more tourists. It will be the primary indicator for FIFA representatives while deciding on the host city of World Cup 2026.

US soccer association president is ready to conquer with CSA

Yahoo reports that the Soccer association president of the US is prepared to compete with CSA’s decision. The opening match will be a huge award and a monetary prize for the city and soccer association in general. That’s why Carlos Cordeiro has outlined seventeen cities to conquer with Toronto. Spokesman of CSA noted that country officials chose only two cities along with Toronto.

Only five cities out of 17 are ready to host gambling lover tourists during the tournament. It could be a big downhill for the US soccer association, and they are looking for a solution for the current situation.

Competition has just started

Rumors suggest that Toronto has already begun de-facto campaigns for host match rights. FIFA representatives travel to hypothetico host cities every two months, and Yahoo journalists believe that CSA has a bigger plan. In the long-term run, CSA representatives have already started workshops and joint conferences to get a better approach from FIFA.