Earlier on, Within Nigeria reported the news of how media personality, Emma Ugolee, stated that music stars from the past who rocked shows, each came from different parts of the country but today, the industry is dominated by music stars all from the southwest.

Responding to this, veteran singer, Etcetera, took to the comment section to not only agree with him but also point out the reasons for the one-sidedness. According to him, the industry is now soaked in tribalism.

Another player in the industry, actor Yomi Black has reacted to these claims by slamming ‘those’ colleagues who accused Southwest of controlling the music industry through tribalism.

Apparently, the post didn’t sit well with Yomi Black who fired at them saying the reason why Southwest controls the music industry is because they make better music than others.

He said,

”Maybe we are just better at making music, has anyone ever asked why the best footballs are from the east?… hiss”.