Controversial Big Brother Naija star, Tacha, has revealed why she loves Tekno after she stirred up reactions on social media when she declared her soft spot for the ‘Pana’ hit maker, and after the pair went on to share tweets that suggested a relationship was in the offing between them.

In a new interview with Sunday Scoop, Tacha revealed why she loves Tekno. She said, “Oh my god! I love Tekno’s face and his music. He is such a talented young man and that alone is an inspiration to me. Shout out to him.”

When she was asked if she would like to get married to Tekno, the reality television show star said, “What do you think? You want to get us a hashtag already? I respect his talent and I’m sure he will be an amazing guy for whoever he marries in future.”

And about her new reality television show, Keeping up With Tacha, Akide said, “KUWTACHA was inspired by my fans and the people around me. They missed seeing me on screen and as a matter of fact, there has been a hunger and demand for more of me, hence the reason for the show.

“Sometimes, I have crazy ideas and quickly put it down in my notebook. Then, I call my team to see how we can bring them to life. With the show, I was so sure I had to do it for the entertainment part of my brand. It sounded crazy and challenging at first but we are doing it. There’s an urgency to sustain the show and we are working on that to make sure it doesn’t just go into thin air after the first episode. I have no doubt that KUWTACHA will be a huge success.”

Tacha also maintained that the show wasn’t meant to be a competition to BBN. She said, “That’s not true. Big Brother Naija gave me a huge platform to ride on. They are a huge part of the Symply Tacha brand. How can I be competing with that? KUWTACHA is nothing like the BBNaija show.”

Reacting to common sayings that her fans, popularly called Titans, are unruly, Tacha said, “No, they are not unruly. They are just awesome people who go all out for me. I appreciate them, they are my family.”