Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has expressed doubt over existence of Coronavirus disease in Nigeria.

The former minister in a post on his official Facebook page on Wednesday, said the federal government’s failure to disclose the identity of the Italian who brought coronavirus into Nigeria shows that they have been deceiving Nigerians.

The former Minister said it is unclear about the Italian citizen who tested positive of Coronavirus.

Fani-Kayode queried why the name and pictures of the coronavirus patient have not been revealed by the government.

The former minister also queried why the government found it hard to locate those that were on flight with him, and others that had contact with him after leaving Milan to Lagos.

He is also wondering why the Lagos State Commissioner of Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, went to see the patient in the isolation centre without wearing protective gear.

The former Minister claimed that with several information hidden about the case, it was an indication that the Federal government was deceiving Nigerians.

He wrote “The Italian that brought coronavirus into Nigeria has not been named and his picture has not been released to the public.

“The driver that was alleged to have driven him from Lagos to Abeokuta said he did not do so and that he has not been in Lagos for close to 7 years.

“The 151 passengers on the plane in which he allegedly flew into Nigeria cannot be traced.

“The claim that he stayed at Airport Hotel for one night has been denied by the hotel who said there was no record of his staying with them and that they were happy to open their register to prove it.

“The claim that he was an employee of a company and that he went to their office in Lagos after leaving the airport has proved to be false.

“Finally the Lagos State Commissioner of Health went to visit him whilst he was still being kept in isolation in the hospital without wearing gloves, a mask or any other form of protective gear.

“Something doesn’t add up in this saga. I smell a rat!