Apostle Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries has reacted after he was challenged by a ‘witch’ group known as the Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW), to heal at least one coronavirus or HIV patient and get a thousand dollar.

Recall that Within Nigeria, earlier reported that the Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) challenged Apostle Suleman to heal an HIV/AIDS patient through prayers and take home a thousand US dollars.

In an article made public by the founder of Nigerian Humanist Movement, Leo Igwe, who also directs AFAW, on Tuesday, disclosed that the group is challenging Suleman to heal, not two or three persons, not ten or fifteen patients but just one person with the viral infection.

The challenge came after Apostle Suleman asked for permission from the Federal Government to visit COVID-19 patients in isolation centers and heal them.

His request was ridiculed by the witches group who challenged him by offering a reward in dollars.

Reacting to the group’ s challenge, he stated that he’s ready to send details of COVID-19 patients that have been healed by him.

Apostle Suleman tweeted:

“A certain Leo Igwe says I should heal covid19 and get a 1000 dollars. I will send you the details of those already healed..so you can investigate. I am not the healer, God is. To mention 1000 dollars shows you are broke and poor..keep it..you need the money than me.

“Normally I won’t reply critics but the website he uses has been constantly writing against me for 3yrs non-stop, all kinds of stories. Also, I feel so ashamed to see some Christians joining the world to attack itself. Not in my time. Jesus Christ called Herod a fox (Luke 13.32.).

“A pastor speaks for the oppressed and gets arrested, you are silent. He feeds the hungry, you are silent. He employs hundreds of jobless folks you are silent yet you claim to be a Christian. He replies critics and you are quick to say he should behave like a man of God? Hypocrites.

“For those who say Christ never replied critics, you don’t know scriptures. Matthew 12.24-27, Lk 13.31-32..he replied when necessary. I am not of the stock of pastors that keep quiet when you attack pastors. You ‘ridicule’ and expect us to keep quiet..some silence means consent”.