COVID-19 is a crisis affecting the world. With this comes the necessary action of those to stay at home and avoid contact with friends and family. Through this time you must remain positive; stay connected and have fun in the current climate.

Current times call for adaptive behavior from us all, having to settle into new work environments. This may seem challenging for people who enjoy background noise, and the buzz of life! However, to maintain productivity and motivation whilst staying at home, here are some tips on self-care, business, and some trending ideas to put to the test in these differing times.

1. Chatting with friends and family is crucial, and it’s important to stay in touch! With the new HouseParty app, you can talk to all your friends at once! This will be valuable for both you and them.

2. It is important to stay mindful at this time to understand your body, therefore practice mindfulness techniques with the meditation app! That way you can be mindful and find your zen!

3. We need to stay inspired at this time, so make your home your sanctuary. Ensure you have surrounded yourself with things that make you enthused, and enhance your safe space.

4. Take the time to read! Our suggestion is; The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses, By Eric Ries

5. People can get affected by exposure to a variety of things, including accounts that don’t bring value to your life! This is why we suggest to have a digital detox – unfollow people who don’t add anything to your day, ensuring you are taking the positives from every aspect of your life.

6. Physical activity and staying active is crucial in these times, so ensure you have a routine that incorporates this. Wake up, stretch and, find new ways to use your body!

7. Get stuck into a new podcast, make a playlist. We’re enjoying Exponential View: learn how AI and other exponential technologies are transforming business and society.

8. You might want to remember these times and understand your thought processes through a situation very distant from the norm. Therefore, create a journal of your thoughts. Your future self will thank you for it.

9. Different apps are thinking of different ways to get people to interact, including Netflix! You can now binge-watch a new series with your friends using Netflix Party!

10. Ever wanted to explore space? Well now you can – NASA has made its media library public! So go take a look!

11. Ensure you pamper yourself, create little rituals that allow you a little self-love!

12. Learn new skills. Invest in you and prepare for what’s next with an American university born online.

Whether it’s spending (face)time with your friends or discovering a new podcast, make the most of staying at home. This blog post was brought to you by Nexford, an American online university.