A popular U.S. based Nigerian doctor identified as Olufunmilayo took to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to lament over the rate at which health worker in Kano get infected with the novel coronavirus.

Olufunmilayo  also revealed that 32 doctors in Kano now have the dreaded infectious disease, Coronavirus. Olufunmilayo who complained that he is worried, questioned when FG will take over Kano.

Read his tweets below…

“JUST IN: 32 doctors now have Coronavirus in Kano. One of them has died.

I did NOT say 32 doctors are exposed.
I did NOT say 32 doctors are at risk.
I did NOT say 32 doctors may have it.

32 doctors in Kano are ALREADY confirmed positive for Covid19.

When will FG take over Kano?

If 1 doctor has the virus and let’s say he sees 100 patients in one week (it is definitely MORE but let’s use this figure), that means he can pass on the virus to 100 people.

Now imagine 32 doctors infected.
That means potentially 3,200 people can get it from them in one week.

Imagine their families.
Imagine their friends.
Imagine all the people those ones will give the virus to, as well.

Remember Kano has released lockdown for two days every week. Imagine the wider repercussions and implications of that insane decision.

These things worry me a lot.”

See tweets below:

This is coming few days after Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje asked the federal government to relax the curfew imposed in Kano state following series of mysterious deaths in the state.

Before now, it was reported that ten medical doctors tested positive for COVID-19 while treating patients at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.

According to reports, the doctors got infected while treating patients who came to the hospital with symptoms that later turned to be COVID-19.