Founder and President of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has criticised pastors for shutting down churches without asking the government for time to pray.

Speaking in a telecast to his members, Oyakhilome said the church is a place of healing and that he did not understand why coronavirus patients were shut out from churches.

The popular televangelist said the country is yet to “see the hand of God” because of the closure of churches.

“COVID-19 compliant churches will mean churches that people who are infected with COVID-19 cannot come there. Is the church of Jesus Christ not a place of healing? So, those of you who love to run around government officials to get your validation, come and get COVID-19 compliant registration for your church. That is the last day Jesus will be in that church. But that is coming,” he said.

“In different cities, ministers of God gathered together and shut down the congregations of the Lord. How many said, let us pray; give us time to pray? They consulted you; they consulted you in different nations and states. How many of you said, let us pray? Instead, you said oh yes.

“Because they said there would be compensation for the period of the lockdown. What compensation can be enough to replace the praise and worship of the congregation? I hope you have enjoyed the time so far, only you in the cathedral did online transmission. Hope you enjoyed it so far? But thank you very much for what you did to the House of God.”

Oyakhilome claimed that churches would soon be asked to set up testing centres because people would refuse going for testing.

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