Yesterday, Sunday the 10th of May, 2020 was Mother’s day. Many people around the world took to social media to celebrate women and mothers.

Our celebrities were not left out either. Toyin Abraham who welcomed her first child last year, took to Instagram to celebrate herself. The super star actress took to her YouTube channel to share a complete video of her giving birth via CS.

Her fans and well wishers saw it as; “a mother celebrating herself”. But she actually killed two birds with one stone.

Toyin celebrated herself and rubbished fellow actress, Liz Anjorin. She put Liz to shame!

Within Nigeria recalls that shortly after Abraham welcomed her son, Liz took to social media to mock her. Liz claimed Abraham birthed her baby at a traditional home (Herbal center). In fact, she even did a video laughing at her.

Even after Toyin did a video to debunk her claim, Liz insisted the video Toyin released was cooked up. Speaking in Yoruba, the actress insisted that Toyin welcomed her son in a traditional maternity center.

However, Toyin has proved that she is a master chess player. She did not only put lizzy to shame, she also shut her up forever.