Popular Nigerian punter, Otumba has passed away after a brief illness. Several Nigerians have been mourning him all day.

Otumba owned a prediction handle on Twitter where he shared betting tips with his thousands of followers.

From what it seems, his win percentage was quite high, as many of the people who paid tribute to him have suggested.

He suffered an ailment before his passing, he shared a couple of posts on his account to indicate that he was struggling badly with his health.

In one of the last posts he shared, he wrote saying,

“I was rushed again to hospital this morning My Doctor insisted I need a lot of rest.

I feel useless, now, I understand better that Health is Wealth Remember me in your prayers. Thank you.”

Prior to his death, he wrote saying he didn’t care if he died tomorrow provided he paints his name green first.

Well, many of his followers have been attesting to his impact and have been able to keep him trending all day long.

Below are some of the reactions that have been pouring in:

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