In an interview with  Adeniyi Adewoyin, popular Nollywood actress, Kemi Afolabi spoke on her alleged broken marriage with her husband. The mother of one also disclosed her relationship status with fast rising actor, Gida.

According to the 41 year old, she keeps her marriage off social media because her husband is a very private person.

Read the interesting chats below;

How have you been able to take your relationship off social media?

I am a very private person, my husband is private as well, we love and understand ourselves, we were able to define what we want and I was early enough to realize that if I want to keep this relationship healthy, I need to take it off peoples’ eyes.

There’s a rumour about you having an affair with a younger colleague who also bought you a car as a birthday gift, how true is that?

Lol… wow! I haven’t received any car, let them tell me where the car is so I go pick it up, well… thanks in advance to the junior colleague. On a serious note, people should be careful as to what they consume, these blogs make up false stories and it’s unfortunate how people are quick to jump at them. No one has bought me a car, if I receive any gift, trust I would let you

guys know.

But there are also rumors that your marriage crashed, how true is this?

There is nothing to clear, people can think or say whatever they like, after all that’s what comes with being a public figure. I am fine and enjoying my marriage with my husband!

So, do you still get advances from men even when they know you’re married?

As a woman, that’s inevitable, they would surely come.

So how do you manage such situations?

Oftentimes I just ignore, I hate long talks, I believe when I don’t give you audience, you most definitely would get tired.

With your busy schedule how do you manage family and career?

My family is very important to me, fortunately for me, I am blessed with a very understanding family, my husband and daughter understand me so much. I do not joke with my family time, I balance everything that none of them suffers from lack of my attention, also I have the believe that if I want to be successful, I must keep my family happy at all time. My family is a very important element of my successful career.

What is your take on posting personal issues online?

Like I said earlier, I am a private person so personal issues should be left personal, so not everything is for public consumption at least not personal and family issues.

Celebrities are known for the flamboyant lifestyle and the love for cars, how many cars have you acquired?

I am not a flamboyant person, I hate to oppress people with whatever God has blessed me with, it is not a right but he gave me whatever I have out of his grace and mercy, so about cars, I would say at least I do not trek, I have wheels that take me to my various destinations by the grace of God.

What do you think about caucus in the movie industry, which one do you belong to?

Caucus? I keep my circle very small; I have a few friends that have become family. I feel very comfortable with them because I know they genuinely have my back and I do as well.