BBNaija season four winner, Mercy Eke’s fan base, Mercenaries are currently dragging Feyikemi Abudu, a popular Twitter influencer.

It all started after FK Abudu used Ozark’s Marty Byrde and his wife Wendy’s photo to insinuate that Mercy’s newly launched real estate company was opened for the purpose of money laundering.

While a lot of people congratulated her for being so business inclined and using putting the BBNaija platform to a good use, FK Abudu chastised her.

See her post below…

The photo above is from Netflix series Ozark, which dramatically depicts the life of Marty Byrde, a financial advisor who slips deeper and deeper into the world of money laundering for a Mexican drug cartel.

Her suggestion according to a lot of people meant that Mercy’s real estate company is for money laundering.

Apparently, this didn’t go down well with Mercy’s fans (Mercenaries), and some other Twitter users, and they took to the platform to drag and also threaten her.

See some reactions below…

“After much ado, @fkabudu has refused to apologize nor taken down that tweet insinuating Mercy Eke’s new business venture is a money laundering front.

She claims it’s a joke but won’t retract it now that it’s clear it’s a bad joke.”

“Now I’m actually quite annoyed and sad by this money laundering issue. Everything aside that is a serious offense and nobody deserves such accusations. I’m so tired of people unnecessarily abusing Mercy when all she does is mind her business. I’m so tired “

“I’m going to tell the story of how your family is filled with thieves and rapists as well as murderers

It’s going to be in a joke form and I hope you will find it funny

Useless child of an unfortunate home

Your type should have been aborted at birth”

“Nah. You could have congratulated her some other way but you had to be condescending. Insinuating that her real estate ish is a front for money laundering. Do you know how serious it is? Even your replies till now just get as e be. Saying it won’t affect her business or image”