Prince Jacob Aminu Momoh, is a renowned Nigerian businessman. Born in ”The Food Basket of the Nation” Benue State, his rise to greatness was through a rough path, facilitated by his determination, resilience, creativity and hard work.

Momoh had always nursed the ambition of being an employer of labour. Consequently, after a stint at Setraco and Rooftech as Site Assistant and Marketing Associate respectively, on August 17, 2007 he went on to hatch a company with the nomenclature as Jamub Global Services Ltd., which became the pioneer company in the Jamub Group family.

Jamub Global Services was established as a general contracting company to explore a diversity of business opportunities. Upon successfully assembling the resources to prequalify the company for diverse jobs, he diligently coordinated the business development activities of his then small team.

He equally sought strategic collaborations in a bid to augment the company’s capacity to deliver demanding jobs. Fortunately, after several years of operation, the company successfully achieved an impressive portfolio of jobs executed with substantial turnovers through his extraordinary leadership.

In 2012, Momoh decided it was time to diversify the company. He wanted to have different subsidiaries pursue specific businesses with bold presence and footprints in relevant sectors of the economy.

Propelled by his flaring ambition, he began taking steps to register more companies. This he carried out based on his passions, driven by his solution-centered mindset. Then he subsequently began setting up the rexquisite structures for these companies to operate seamlessly. Today, Jamub Group boasts of a number of reputable subsidiaries, among them: Jamub Property, Jamub Construction, John-Paul Pharmaceuticals, Jamub Energy, Urban Project Prospects Integrated Services Ltd (UPPISL) and SchoolMe Investment Services Ltd.

Interestingly, each subsidiary of the Group was established to operate with clear differentiation in terms and goals of their offerings. Jamub Property delivers real estate with a blend of class, comfort and affordability. Jamub Constitution provides a durable infrastructure through mastery of complex engineering processes and absolute commitment to total quality management, John-Paul Pharmaceuticals supplies own-brand pharmaceutical products; Jamub Energy produces high high-quality products and services and is a player in the oil and gas industry. UPPISL, meanwhile, offers project management consultancy services cutting across planning, implementation and evaluation with core competence in the area of project monitoring and evaluation, thus the company helps in bridging the gap between project plans and outcomes, thereby helping clients to eliminate waste, achieve accountability and guarantee value for money in diverse projects.

SchoolMe was established to provide educational financing solutions. The company among other things assists Nigerian youths to creatively mobilize funds through its educational lottery initiative to finance their educational goals, an initiative which has provided scholarship worth millions of naira to many young Nigerians since its launching in October 2018.

Prince Momoh currently oversees the Group as Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, and has continued pursuing a growth agenda for the conglomerate managed on the basis of core values of commitment, responsibility, accountability, integrity, excellence and quality delivery. He has creditably helped the Group break through the most difficult times, standing and scaling through even economic downturns and setbacks experienced in the country. His passion in providing solutions has kept him sailing to success.

A strong advocate of local content, Momoh recently pioneered the local production of Human Disinfection Booth in Nigeria using locally sourced materials put together by indigenous engineers and scientists, an initiative powered by Jamub Energy in response to the need to provide solution for the Covid-19 pandemic currently ravaging the world.

As a philanthropist with a large heart, he has over the years empowered many young people in various vocations and trades as well as supported many others who had academic dreams but were financially handicapped, these he has carried out beyond ethnic and religious boundaries which has made him a 21st century role model to many.

Prince Momoh is a recipient of several awards for his exceptional managerial and leadership competence as well as for his contribution towards national development. Notable among these is the World Habitat Humanitarian and Philanthropic Award for Corporate Enterprise and Leadership by the World Habitat Foundation received in 2017.

He was given an award as the most innovative and outstanding entrepreneur in Nigeria by National Association of University Students (NAUS).  He is also a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria, Institute of Business Diplomacy and Financial Management as well as the Institute of Corporate Administration.

Prince Jacob Momoh has also been recognized by a frontline Civil Society Organisation, Save Humanity Advocacy Centre that has identified with patriotic Nigerians over the years for presentation of the Certificate of commendation for his contribution to the Nigerian labour market thus far.

Nwanekezie writes in from Abuja