A Twitter user triggered a debate on the platform after she disclosed how she started her ‘childfree lifestyle journey’ following the removal of her fallopian tubes.

According to Big Triski @TrixieNumba9, she had her fallopian tubes removed, because she was not interested in having children.

She then talked about the challenges she faced from medical personnel when trying to get her fallopian tubes removed. She said they thought it was unusual for a young unmarried woman who has never had kids to want to take such drastic measure.

They tried to discourage her by telling her she might change her mind or may meet a man who she will want to have kids with.

With each difficulty she met, she was more determined to try harder to have her fallopian tubes removed. She insisted to each medical personnel she met that she knows she’ll never change her mind come what may because she never wants to have kids.

When asked who will take care of her when she’s old, she said it’s selfish to have children just so they can care for you in old age.

She explained that she’s known since she was 16 that she never wants a child and that having one will make her miserable.

On May 23, 2019, she finally got what she wanted.

She wrote: “On May 23rd, 2019, I got my Fallopian tubes removed & started my child free lifestyle journey.”

She added that there are other women like her who do not want kids but are shamed into having them because of people’s opinions.

Her revelation led to a debate as some said it’s the right thing to do when you know you never want a child, instead of getting pregnant and aborting the child. Others told her that it was selfish to not want to have children.

Read her thread below.

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